Modesto Kiwanis Club Presents

Modesto’s Independence Day
Parade & Festival


Parade Chairman:
Jeremiah Williams
(209) 522-3066

Sponsorship Contact:
Jeremiah Williams
(209) 522-3066

Entry Chairman:
John Field, DDS
(209) 480-1824

Media Chairman:
Savannah Williams
(916) 340-4606


The purpose of the category list is to increase the quality and enjoyment of the parade. During the parade, each entry will be judged on the entertainment value, creativity, how well the entry was showcased and relates to this year’s theme.

The categories are the actual trophy awards. You may choose more than one if qualified.

Everyone will be considered for the Chairman's Trophy (the entry that best presents the combination of this year’s parade theme and the 4th of July theme) and the Overall Theme Trophy (the entry that best presents the parade’s theme)

  1. Overall Equestrian Unit

  2. Individual Equestrian

  3. Equestrian Club

  4. Farm Entry

  5. Antique Car Pre-1940 (Individual)

  6. Classic Car Pre-1973 (Individual)

  7. Custom Car (Individual)

  8. Antique Car Club

  9. Custom Car Club

  10. Motorcycle Group

  11. Marching Band

  12. Musical Group (Non Marching Band)

  13. Dance/Drill/Cheer Group

  14. Military Unit

  15. Color Guard

  16. Corporate Float

  17. Ethnic Group/Float

  18. Non-Profit Group/Float

  19. Comical/Entertaining Entry

  20. Dignitary (Non-judged)

  21. Kids Group/Float

Staging is 7am to 9am. The parade starts at 9:30am sharp!